Web Designing

At ICT web design is a complete dedicated process to functionally give a facelift to your business. Our expert team focuses on the web design not just from your perspective but from your Visitor's perspective as well. The process is divided into 6 phases.

Project Definition

At ICT, The most critical step in the web design process is creating an accurate project definition. ICT project definition includes a project brief and a project plan.
  • Client Interaction
  • Project Briefing
  • Initial technical Specifications
  • Fix up Project Timeline

Site Structure

Working closely with our Customers, The ICT team creates a list of required content and design. Brainstorming sessions are conducted. Regular reviews are held with the Customer to review the list at every phase of development
  • Content & Functionality Outline
  • PDesign Site Diagram
  • Sub pages Description
  • Frame Designing

Visual Design

At this point, the ICT designer has a clear idea of the purpose of the site, the content that will comprise the site, the site architecture and the elements that need to be on each page. Drawing on the knowledge of design principles, design elements and Customer and Visitor centered approach and design the ICT team develops design options that meet the project goals.
  • Draft Visual Designs
  • Customer feedback
  • Design Finalization

Testing and refining

Template and Beta Versions are thoroughly tested. At ICT Beta testing includes, load testing, failure recovery, security, and platform and browser compatibility.
  • QA Testing
  • Prioritizing

Site Development

Now the team gets on to the development process. All the parameters are evolved converted into functional Metrics and based on the Technical specifications , the work starts .
  • Refine technical Specifications
  • Reviews


The Team Plans for the best date to go live. An extensive study is conducted on the planned web site traffic patterns and attempts are made to launch in a way that minimizes downtime. The Management makes sure that everyone in the team is on call for any challenges that might occur during launch.
  • Production Style Guide
  • Launch Site
  • Implement Maintenance Plan

User Interface Design

At ICT great designs are born because of the simplicity and creativity in our User Interface Designs. Our team has a clear understanding of ICT is guided by the Principles of

User Profiling

The ICT Technical team goes into a detailed analysis of the user requirement before designing the user interface. This is a very crucial phase for we believe and realize that UI forms the core of the system. A comprehensive study is done about
  • What are the user's goals?
  • What are the user's skills and experience?
  • IWhat are the user's needs?


Once a metaphor is chosen, it is spread widely throughout the interface. Care is taken at every design phase to check the metaphors from clashing with each other. Images, Text, Colours are carefully chosen to give the end user the best of experience while navigating within the website

Feature Experience

The team understands and delivers the features for any category of website designed. We let our Customers demand for the features that we provide for the end users. Our websites are in many ways your Marketing Managers, taking your company's business ethics and products & Services throughout the globe. Context sensitive and sensible Features are provided in every page. Toolbars, Menu Items, Downloads, Dialog boxes are designed for easy user access and navigability


Internal and External consistency is maintained at every level of the User Interface. The Interface we develop is always consistent with the environment in which it runs. We use standardized scripting languages, plug-in architectures and configuration methods to achieve this. At no point of time there is an element of surprise in our consistent User Interface Design.

State Visualization

The ICT Designer clearly visualizes the state of the interface with a varied section of people visiting your website over a period of time. Our process is consistent, clear, and unambiguous. The End user will always know where he is and where he is going once inside the website.


Shortcut keys are provided to ease the process of navigation and accessibility. This also helps the end user in remembering these while accessing the website from any remote location. ICT Modeling is a perfect tool as it helps you in reaching out to even those who are not very much comfortable with the Computer keyboard but are interested in visiting your website.


Human eye is a highly Non-Linear devise. Our eyes are drawn to animated areas of the display more readily than static areas. Changes to these areas will be noticed readily. The ICT Design team intelligently combines static design with animations and Flash Motions to give the user a complete experience in your website.


ICT believes appropriate use of Language in its content. We don't overuse jargons that people don't understand or get mixed up with. The technical writers at ICT know what exactly the end user is trying to read and how exactly it should be presented across in a simple and sensible way. The aim of the Content creation at ICT is to make the user at ease inside the website. The Language we use is flowing in mind capturing and scintillating imaginations.


Whether designing Homepage or subpages "visual composition" takes the top most priority in ICT's web design process. When compositional considerations about presenting you and your Business arise, the ICT team goes an extra mile in Aesthetics. ICT's Website is the showcase of your Business on the Web. Our designs succeed because of the aesthetic criteria. Aesthetic appeal is most important for the encounters with a Website, but it is also important in the long. ICT's well-designed Websites stimulate motivation. They also serve to improve efficiency, because the end users will navigate the site better, get the desired information, and do their tasks faster.


ICT's highly skilled and experienced web design and web programming professionals can convert your Complex PSD to into HTML version. Our technical team can handle any scope of conversion from a Photoshop document (PSD) to hypertext Mark-up language (HTML). Our team's monumental experience has made us capable of converting any design or image. We can handle a heavy duty conversion project or order without compromising on their quality. We are known for our correct usage of Tags and Formats. We use Unique Typescripts which are SEO friendly. We brief the structure of images with proper characters making it simple.